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We welcome responsible and competent pilots. The purpose of making PPR mandatory and Online is to enhance safety, to ensure visitors have properly briefed themselves in advance, and have satisfied themselves, that they and their aircraft are suitable for Farway Common. In so doing we hope that visitors will have a safe and good experience when visiting our airstrip.

 Visiting aircraft are welcome, however Online PPR is mandatory for all flights.

To obtain PPR you must:

1. Read the terms and conditions below.

2. Complete the form at the bottom of this page, provide all mandatory information and accept terms and conditions.

3. Once submitted, you will receive an email approving or denying PPR.

4. Any issues, please give James a call on 07802 644280

​Terms & Conditions of Use

1. Farway Common Airfield is operated by Farway Common Airfield Limited (FCAL). All permissions, agreements, PPR etc are made solely and exclusively by Farway Common Airfield Limited.

2. No suggestion, whether written or featuring on any media such as a website, forum etc, or verbal from anyone shall over-ride or vary these Terms & Conditions. The only variance shall be provided expressly in writing by the FCAL.

3. By providing permission (or PPR) to land at Farway, FCAL makes no suggestion or agreement as to the suitability of your aircraft, the pilot; or the suitability, condition or state of the runway; or prevailing conditions at the Airfield pertaining to the safe conduct of your flight. You are solely responsible for ensuring that your skills, your aircraft and all prevailing conditions are suitable to safely and legally conduct any flight to or from Farway Common Airfield.

4. These terms and conditions are applicable to anyone accessing, using, visiting or undertaking any activity or work at Farway Common Airfield. They are also applicable in conjunction with any specific Terms set out in any licence agreement for storage of aircraft & equipment or use of the Hangar.

5. Granting of PPR and acceptance by you of our Terms & Conditions of use are applicable to all flights and activities relating to your use of Farway Common Airfield. regardless of how many times you may land or take off (i.e. agreeing to this document once covers your use of say, over a weekend or week (if temporarily visiting for a week for example) or multiple flights during the same day). 

You agree to the following:

a) You use Farway Common Airfield entirely at your own risk.

b) You will make those accompanying you including all passengers, children etc aware of these Terms & Conditions and take full and total responsibility for their health & safety during their visit. Furthermore, you shall ensure that they too had read and understood these Terms and Conditions.

c) Not to drive any vehicle along the runway or taxiway without the permission of FCAL.

For Visiting & Resident Aircraft:

d) That you shall be responsible for you complying with all rules, laws and guidelines as set out by the CAA.

e) All flying activities are solely at your own risk. You agree to indemnify Farway Common Airfield from all and any costs, awards, injury claims etc that may be made against FCAL that occur as a result of any accident, injury and damage caused by your flying activity. This includes any claim made by your passengers, insurance company, aircraft owner or any other connected party. Flying activity means anything to do with an aircraft – whether it being flown, taxied or while parked up.

f) Farway Common Airfield is an unlicensed farm strip. It has inherent dangers and hazards that are not necessarily prevalent at licenced airfields. This includes (but is not exhaustive), un-even ground, mole hills, rabbit holes, soft ground, trees, turbulence caused by nearby trees, hedges etc. The quality of the airfield surface, grass length, firmness and weight bearing ability of the ground etc are all variable (often changing quickly or with no perceptible visual indication) as is wind direction, wind speed, temperature and air density. These all have a significant impact on required distances for the aircraft that you are flying to safely land and take off. You declare that:

  • You have calculated the appropriate take off distance required for the prevailing conditions at the Airfield and loading conditions of your aircraft etc. Furthermore you have applied the safety factors recommended by the CAA (See CAA Safetysense Leaflet 12 – Strip Flying and Safetysense Leaflet 7c Aircraft Performance).

  • You are sufficiently trained, skilled and current in short field, soft field and rough field operations.

  • That your aircraft is suitable for use at Farway Common Airfield

  • That you and your aircraft is properly and fully insured

  • That you shall comply with the joining instructions as published and updated from time to time on


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