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If you want to travel to nearby Sidmouth, Lyme Regis or further afield, we have made an Airfield Car available for your use. 

The car is a 7 seat Renault Espace. All you need to do it insure it.

The car is bookable for AM and PM slots from 00:01 to Noon and Noon to 23:59. So for overnight book an afternoon and morning slot.  

To Book:

a) Read Terms and Conditions Below

b) Book using form below

c) Arrange insurance 


1) The vehicle is taxed and MOT'd but NOT INSURED.
2) YOU MUST arrange insurance. Third party cover on your own insurance is not acceptable as the car is not insured on another policy (and therefore would be invalid). The permission granted to use the vehicle is conditional on you getting insurance - we recommend where insurance is available for £10-£20.
3) Use of the vehicle is solely at your own risk and you indemnify Farway Common Airfield Limited for any and all liabilities arising from you using our vehicle.
4) You accept full responsibility for the legal use (including having the appropriate driving licence) any parking or traffic offences. We will forward your details to any authorities that request them if we receive any tickets.
5) You are responsible for any insurance excess.
6) You will return the vehicle with the same quantity of fuel as was originally in it - otherwise you agree to pay for us to refuel it to the same level at £2.50 per litre.
7) You will remove any rubbish from the vehicle on return.

Airfield Car Booking

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